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The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Program (ALoMCP) is an industry wide project taking place across Great Britain. These new mandatory regulations introduced by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and delivered by National Grid and the District Network Operators (DNOs) mean that if you are a Generation Plant owner that has installed a G59 relay before February 2018 (>11kw) you must act. G59 relays are found on all electric producing renewable and none-renewable generation plants including wind turbines, solar (typically >50kw), AD, CHP, biogas/biomass batteries, hydro, energy from waste, steam, diesel etc.

The ALoMCP is designed to get all existing sites updated with regards Loss of Mains (LoM). LoM is a function inside the G59 protection relay that runs in tandem with Voltage and Frequency Protection. The intended benefit of this change is to relax the settings in your relay, and thus reduce the amount of G59 tripping across the network.

Grant Funding Available Covering All Costs

This work is mandatory, but until the 10th August 2021 there are grants available meaning WindCare can complete the works for you at NO COST – with all the cost being paid directly by the local DNO. Although the upgrade is not required until 2022, these grants may not be around after the 10th August 2021, and thus if you wait, the cost of the upgrade will be paid by yourselves. We have been warned that grant funding can be removed at any time if the funding pot is emptied so don’t wait.

Recognised Contractor

WindCare is a recognised contractor for all the DNOs across the country and we have successfully completed around 300 site upgrades thus far on all types of G59 relay, all types of generation equipment and various types of customer (i.e. individual landowners up to large high-compliance companies). We will complete the entire application process, liaise with the local DNO, complete the works and re-certify your site. Please see some customer testimonials below and case studies from Northern Power Grid and the Electricity Networks Association

G59 Contact Form

Please get in contact with us to discuss your project and guide you through what happens next.

Phone – 01751 472595 (ask for Colin)

Email – colin.lockwood@windcare.co.uk


Advantage Biogas are an leading service provider within in the AD industry. We were contacted by WindCare to complete the G59 upgrade works under the ALoMCP on our portfolio of AD/CHP plants – around 25 relays. We spoke to people in the industry and NPG (where the bulk of our sites were) and were confident WindCare were capable of completing the works.

WindCare provided the initial information forms required and were proactive in working with us to get this information and providing alternatives where any information was incomplete. Following this, WindCare took complete control of our projects, handled everything with the local DNO and kept us well informed on progress. When it came to the onsite works, WindCare provided plenty of notice and accompanied the works with a full set of RAMS (including COVID guidance). Our site engineers and Managers were complimentary on WindCare’s on site engineer – both in terms of competency, efficiency and courtesy. Following the works, the new test sheets and certification were provided in good time including a new full G59/G99 test (13.2 & 13.3) and photographic evidence of the works. All works were completed successfully and we have not had any negative reactions from any of our plants since.

I would have no hesitation in recommending WindCare for the ALoMCP G59 upgrade.

Richard Smith – Asset Performance & Maintenance Manager

George F White have worked with WindCare for a number of years on various projects including wind turbine and CHP installations. Most recently, WindCare have completed our portfolio of generator G59 upgrades under the ALoMCP, which comprises around 30no. relays both on wind turbines and CHP facilities.

Once the initial information has been passed to WindCare, they have handled the entire process with the relevant DNO, kept both the landowner and us well informed, and completed the works in a timely, efficient and safe (both H&S and COVID) manor. Since the works have completed, we have had no issues with any of the upgrade work undertaken by WindCare.

WindCare are a diligent and competent contractor and I would have no hesitation in recommending WindCare for the ALoMCP G59 upgrade.

Kind regards,
Robert Hamlton – Senior Project Manager

Turbine Engineering Developments Limited (TED) recently contracted Windcare to provide the testing, inspecting and reporting for the ALoMCP program.

The project was very successful and was delivered on time having been well organized prioer to the testing, during the testing and in the reporting phases.

TED and Windcare organized the project in a way where i supplied the contact details for the sites and Windcare organized the inspection of the sites. Windcare communicated to me the time they would be on site. I then communicated this to the site owner. The sites Windcare inspected on our behalf are individual wind turbines which are secure sites. The owneres need to give the engineer access and at every site the engineer arrived when stipulated and the testing went ahead without problems.

The engineer is very professional and made a great impressions on our clients.
The test inspection results were delivered promptly in a way which was easily understandable to our customers.

Windcare delivered the ALOMCP project in a very professional and effieient way and i would definitely contract them again in the future and recommened them to other companies.

Sarah L Paterson

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