COP28 Climate Summit Wind Turbine Installation Completed in Dubai

Windcare have just completed the installation of five wind turbines ready for the COP28 climate summit at the Dubai Expo.

As the wind market is in its infancy in the UAE, our primary role was as the lead engineers and technical consultants.

We were heavily involved with the design and mechanical and electrical installation, ensuring the installation was done properly, and we had ‘boots on the ground’ during the entire build phase.

Renewable Energy Showcase

This special project showcases renewable energy systems working in tandem—with wind turbines and solar power feeding into a battery storage system.

The foundation was is a unique design, as there is basically no concrete or rebar in it — it’s steel and is designed to be a temporary structure that can be moved around.

The First Wind Turbines in Dubai

These are the first wind turbines in Dubai, and we look forward to installing many more as renewable technology gains momentum.

If you are considering installing wind turbines in the UAE then get in touch with us — we are working in partnership with Octopus Energy and Infinite Renewables and can help you achieve your renewable energy goals.

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