Here's just a small selection of the feedback we've had from our clients who include some of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers, government institutions, renewable developers, insurance companies and private land owners.

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"WindCare have successfully completed 2 large Biomass projects for us - 4MWth and 12MWth .

On the first project (4MWth) they completed the civil works which included a complicated piled slab with various pits, walls, and a large biomass fuel delivery walking floor. Other ancillary works such as minor slabs and trenching for the water pipe work were also undertaken.

On the second project (a much larger 12MWth system) WindCare again completed the full civil works. This included a more complicated civil slab with a 3m deep basement, various pits, and again a large biomass fuel delivery walking floor. The civil scope extended to include a large concrete fuel store, access roads, yard areas, the drainage design and build plus trenching for the hot water pipework.

The second project also included the full electrical wiring and earthing of the biomass system. This is a highly complex install with over 10,000m of cable of varying different strict specifications both for control and power distribution. Works also included the main HV 2MW transformer, LV submains, installation of the main LV distribution board and power distribution around the plant to the various sub-boards and beyond. Ancillary works such as CCTV, Fire Alarms and Intruder Alarms were also installed.

The works were completed in a diligent, safe, and well managed manner. They were both on time and in budget and I would have no hesitation in recommending WindCare for any project with a similar scope of works."

Andrew Springett


"Jones Food Company is a UK based hydroponics company that specialises in the design, build and operation of vertical farming technology at a large commercial scale using state of the art high tech facilities supplying UK retailers and wholesalers.

We have worked with WindCare on various elements of the 3 facilities that we have constructed, including the largest in Europe. WindCare helped with concept realisation on project 1. They also took this forward to our R&D facility a few years later in Bristol.

WindCare covered various elements on the projects, both civil, mechanical and electrical works, aiding design and installation on the HV & LV power distribution networks, as well as the installation of 12km of LED. They also aided with the comms to control to a bespoke SCADA system that JFC installed to control every element of the growing machine.

I would be happy to recommend WindCare for your project. The team work hard to develop strong, resilient systems that work for everyone."

James Lloyd-Jones
Founder and CEO


"George F White have worked with WindCare for a number of years on various projects including wind turbine and CHP installations.

Most recently, WindCare have completed our portfolio of generator G59 upgrades under the ALoMCP, which comprises around 30no. relays both on wind turbines and CHP facilities.

Once the initial information has been passed to WindCare, they have handled the entire process with the relevant DNO, kept both the landowner and us well informed, and completed the works in a timely, efficient and safe (both H&S and COVID) manor. Since the works have completed, we have had no issues with any of the upgrade work undertaken by WindCare.

WindCare are a diligent and competent contractor and I would have no hesitation in recommending WindCare for the ALoMCP G59 upgrade."

Robert Hamilton
Senior Project Manager

"The project was very successful and was delivered on time having been well organised prior to the testing, during the testing and in the reporting phases.

At every site the engineer arrived when stipulated and the testing went ahead without problems. The engineer was very professional and made a great impressions on our clients. The test inspection results were delivered promptly in a way which was easily understandable to our customers.

Windcare delivered the project in a very professional and efficient way and I would definitely contract them again in the future and recommend them to other companies."

Sarah L. - Renewables Developer

"WindCare took complete control of our projects, handled everything with the local DNO and kept us well informed on progress.

When it came to the onsite works, WindCare provided plenty of notice and accompanied the works with a full set of RAMS (including COVID guidance). Our site engineers and Managers were complimentary on WindCare’s on site engineer – both in terms of competency, efficiency and courtesy. Following the works, the new test sheets and certification were provided in good time including a new full G59/G99 test (13.2 & 13.3) and photographic evidence of the works. All works were completed successfully."

Richard Smith – Asset Performance & Maintenance Manager