Wind Turbine Services for Developers, Landowners & Manufacturers

Our planners, consultants and engineers can help you with any aspect of wind turbines — from feasibility and planning through to installation and ongoing service and maintenance.

Our client base includes the world's biggest wind turbine manufacturers and investment companies, as well as small and medium size developers and land owners.

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We work behind the scenes for UK wind turbine developers, helping them with every aspect of wind farm development, from gaining planning consent through to installation and ongoing O&M.

Whether you're just looking for ground works and BoP, or whether you want help to go from a green field site to a fully operational wind farm, get in touch for a confidential chat about how we can help you succeed.


We can help you with every aspect of wind turbines, from providing an initial feasibility study to see if wind turbines are viable on your land, through to preparing and submitting a planning application on your behalf, and then when successfull, installing your turbines and providing ongoing servicing to ensure they run trouble free.

We can also help you look after your existing turbines, if you're already operational but struggling to find a reliable company to maximise uptime and performance.

One of our key strengths is that we are manufacturer independent.

Since 2011  we have installed hundreds of different types and sizes of turbines, from the smallest 10kW turbines up to 3MW and larger—our engineers have received specialist training and are highly experienced in looking after a wide range of turbine models.

Whatever your requirements are, get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements and provide impartial advice and competitive quotes.


We don't sell wind turbines—we work with turbines manufacturers (rather than competing against them), and are working directly with some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Naturally, when working with various wind turbine manufacturers and customers, confidentiality is paramount to the way we operate.

If you would like a independent turbine service provider who can reduce your operational overheads and provide your clients with highly reliable service and expertise, get in touch.

We are happy to sign NDAs if required.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us - call us on 01751 472595 or send us an email and we will be delighted to help.

What do you need help with?

  • Balance of Plant

    Our highly experienced team of engineers can prepare your site ready for turbine installation.

  • Groundworks & Site Infrastructure

    Our highly-experienced team can prepare your site ready for turbine installation.

  • HV & LV Electrical Services

    Our designers can create bespoke panels for a wide variety of different use cases and scenarios.

  • Wind Turbine Installation

    We can quote for any installation requirements you have, including mechanical and electrical.

  • Service & Maintenance

    We can look after your wind turbines to ensure optimal uptime and performance.

  • Planning Services

    We can help prepare and submit your application for a single turbine or large wind farm.

  • G99/G100 Services

    We are a recognised contractor for all DNOs across the country and can maintain and upgrade your systems.

  • Engineering

    We are a UK based fabricator with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.