Solar Installation & Support Services

Maximise the Performance & Uptime of your Solar System

Service and Maintenance of Solar PV Installations has widely been ignored – mistakenly justified on the premise they are simple systems with nothing to go wrong.

This, alongside the bulk of solar installers disappearing, has left a huge amount of solar installations uncared for and potentially seriously under-performing.

With few visual clues, the only real way to check is by servicing.

WindCare has been installing and maintaining FiT scale wind turbines and solar systems since 2011.

We have built a reputation for renewable O&M with our experienced team of qualified engineers providing National coverage at competitive rates with no fuss.

Benefits of Solar Servicing

The main benefit of solar servicing is to simply maximise the performance of your system, for better generation and increased uptime.

You will also gain greater visibility over how your solar system is performing. including identifying
issues with panel failure, cable faults, inverter failure etc.

Identifying Health and Safety issues with you site – e.g. fire ratings etc.

System Health Check

The first step in looking after your system is for WindCare to complete an independent system health check.

This tests each string of solar panels and identifies how your system is performing, and identifies any remedial works that are needed.

Maintenance Works

If any issues are identified on the System Health Check, WindCare will price up the works, which could include:

  • Solar Panel Failure and Replacement
  • Inverter Failure and Replacement
  • Cabling Faults (e.g. rodents) and Replacement
  • Cleaning

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